Delicatessen 6

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Code GRILL CD 023
Released 2004
1 Sleepover (Edit) Seefood
2 Nadine Frank Black & the Catholics
3 Before I Hit The Wall The Mendoza Line
4 Mona Lisa Grant-Lee Phillips
5 Might Makes Right Camper Van Beethoven
6 Old Rodriguez (Single Edit) Obi
7 You Are The One The Martinis
8 Ladies & Gentlemen American Music Club
9 Good Day For The Hopeless Ben Christophers
10 See Your Lights The Church
11 Stray Cat Blues North Mississippi Allstars
12 Experimental Film They Might Be Giants
13 Beautiful BJ Cole
14 Aftermath The Orb
15 Pelz Komet (Edit) Kingsbury Manx
16 Ace Of Spades Hayseed Dixie
17 Paris In Your Eyes Janis Ian
18 Stupid (Edit) Anne McCue
19 Stars Of Our Stars Cowboy Junkies
20 I Have Seen The Light (Edit) Glide
21 Skin The Wannadies