Delicatessen 5

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Code GRILL CD 021
Released 2003
1 Love In Veins Ian McCulloch
2 Alaska (Radio Edit) Eyes Adrift
3 Hitting The Ground Gordon Gano
4 To Be Young (Acoustic Version) Ryan Adams
5 Seen It @ The Feelmore The Church
6 Somewhere Nicer Obi
7 Velvety Frank Black & the Catholics
8 See The Stars (Radio Edit) Mary Lorson & Billy Cote
9 The Night Soft Cell
10 A Damn Good Disguise Mendoza Line
11 Take The Skinheads Bowling Camper Van Beethoven
12 Please Apples In Stereo
13 Talkin' At Kida Blues Dan Bern
14 One Door Opens Richard Thompson
15 Irresistible Romance (Radio Edit) Jackie Leven
16 Crying Just For Show French Kicks
17 Distant Shore Billy Bragg & The Blokes
18 Goodbye Honey Ryan Adams
19 Retrieval Of You Minus 5