Delicatessen 3

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Code GRILL CD 018
Released 2001
1 Tonight Violent Femmes
2 I Love The Unknown Clem Snide
3 Come Pick Me Up Ryan Adams
4 Robert Onion Frank Black & the Catholics
5 A Best Man (Put My Girlfriend On Fire) AM/FM
6 Make Me Shine (Monitor Mix) Echo and the Bunnymen
7 See It Coming (Monitor Mix) The Church
8 Gotta Quit That Crack The Church
9 Swing Lite Alight Luke Vibert & BJ Cole
10 Mayday (Radio Edit) King Cobb Steelie
11 Luke One AC Acoustics
12 Johnson City Saint Low
13 The Ghost Of Limehouse Cut Cathal Coughlan
14 Single Father Jackie Leven
15 Sulk Billy Bragg
16 Rising in Love Michael Nesmith
17 Drugs Are Wasted On the Young Dave Graney Show