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Code GRILL CD 012
Released 1998
01 Step Back Bert Jansch
02 Spring is Returning/Dosvedanya Rory McLeod
03 Turn Things Upside Down The Happy End
04 Maybe Then I'll Be A Rose Savourna Stevenson
05 Doctor Calls June Tabor
06 Byker Hill The Barely Works
07 Raining Ancient Beatbox
08 Seventeen Years Of Sorrow Maddy Prior
09 Rhythm Of Time WAZ
10 Whistle Daughter Whistle Gods Little Monkeys
11 Madman Mora Blues Boiled In Lead
12 Hush Little Baby Horseflies
13 Bridges Utah Phillips & Ani DiFranco
14 Promises Wired to the Moon
15 All Tomorrow's Parties June Tabor & Oysterband
16 Manchester Rambler Ewan MacColl & Peggy Seeger
17 Why Should I Stand Up Colorblind James Experience