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Code GRILL CD 012
Released 1998
1 Step Back Bert Jansch
2 Spring is Returning/Dosvedanya Rory McLeod
3 Turn Things Upside Down The Happy End
4 Maybe Then I'll Be A Rose Savourna Stevenson
5 Doctor Calls June Tabor
6 Byker Hill The Barely Works
7 Raining Ancient Beatbox
8 Seventeen Years Of Sorrow Maddy Prior
9 Rhythm Of Time WAZ
10 Whistle Daughter Whistle Gods Little Monkeys
11 Madman Mora Blues Boiled In Lead
12 Hush Little Baby Horseflies
13 Bridges Utah Phillips & Ani DiFranco
14 Promises Wired to the Moon
15 All Tomorrow's Parties June Tabor & Oysterband
16 Manchester Rambler Ewan MacColl & Peggy Seeger
17 Why Should I Stand Up Colorblind James Experience