Cooking Vinyl Sampler Volume 2

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Code GRILL CD 005
Released 1993
1 The Road to Santiago Oysterband
2 Venus in Furs The Ukrainians
3 Call Mother a Lonely Field (Malt Mix) Jackie Leven
4 Love Wore a Halo Honky Tonk Cowboys & Rebecca Price
5 Pombi Bhundu Boys
6 That Old Feeling Alex Chilton & Medium Cool
7 Illusions June Tabor
8 Old Ronny Weddings Parties Anything
9 Gather Your Things and Go TV Smith
10 Portobello Terrace Tom Robinson
11 Caledonia Rain (Piano Version) Rev Hammer
12 All Tomorrow's Parties June Tabor & Oysterband
13 Ballad of Accounting Ewan MacColl
14 Fogtown Michelle Shocked
15 Silver Wheels Bruce Cockburn
16 Run Out Of Loving Barely Works
17 Back To Donegal Rory McLeod
18 Kullakita Awatinas