The Cutting Edge

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Code GRILL 001
Released 1987
A1 Hal-an Tow The Oyster Band
A2 Can't Find My Money The Mekons
A3 Death Of The Wild Colonial Boy We Free Kings
A4 Sea Never Dry Malcolms Interview
A5 The Walls Of Butlins Edward II & the Red Hot Polkas
A6 We're Not Over Yet Clive Gregson & Christine Collister
B1 Baksheesh Dance Rory McLeod
B2 Green Brooms Mark T. & The Brickbats
B3 Tippin' It Up To Nancy Gone To Earth
B4 Flanders Pressgang
B5 Forked Deer Deighton Family
B6 Hopping Down In Kent Black Spot Champions
B7 A Debatable Land Andrew Cronshaw